Photo Cor van Hooijschuur

Gotscha, 2002/2003. Creation after the Dutch Comb-cap c.1620-1650 preserved at the Royal Netherlands Army and Arms Museum Delft,

Comb-cap (pikeman’s pot): Infantry helmet of old-fashioned shape for its period. However, it offered good protection against sword blows delivered by attacking cavalry. In 1670, the pikeman in the stadtholder’s guard still wore such helmets. Forged in Bergen op Zoom. Material: iron from "Hoogovens", surfaces highly polished and blued fire’. The rivets and the plume holder gilt. Decorated with engraved lines, turned edges are finely cabled. Iron plates of different thickness 2 mm) were used to make the 5 separate parts, which form the helmet. The sheets of metal were forged cold as well as hot. The suit of armour contains about 75 iron rivets.


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