Shirt of mail


Mail coat of steel, interlinked, 25x25cm, made out of medium-sized, riveted rings, 1999

… one of the attributes of Georgian armour is the mail coat, which was made by linking the rings together. Each ring could have different shapes, which was dependent on the meaning of the work and the creative process of the artist. Mail coats, as well as other attributes of armour were traditionally made in a creative artistic process. That is why nearly each Georgian suit of armour differs from every other by its stylistic and creative independence. Gotscha, based on the Georgian philosophical understanding of armour, resurrected the old, nearly forgotten technique. He makes armours in an artistic creative process, creating new nuances in the forms of the main parts or in details. That is why his works in this direction have such a strong identity and that is why they have such high original artistic value.

Dr. Z. Kalanda, art critic

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