I Dream about eternity, about art which remains, even when its maker died long long ago. I dream about unforgettable tales and visions, the persistent memories of my youth, and about beauty and  universality... in my spiritual search towards the expression of an idea: About the mystical world, about legends and mythology, symbols that are recognizable in every day life - the interpretation of symbols and 'signs' to incorporate them in my search, my guest, for the eternal beauty.

I was born and grew up near the heights of Caucasus, in the country of Georgia: The country where, in the loneliest wilderness 'Pik Kasbek', the mythological Prometheus was chained by Zeus with unbreakable chains, as a punishment, because he had brought fire on earth for man. The country of Thubalen, Khaliben en Mossiniken; the old Colchis en Iberia, the country of the Golden Fleece and the Argonauts, of Queen Tamar. The country that once knew the Golden Age, and through the ages handed over with care the inheritance of past ages, from generation to generation... where this culture and mythology are still alive. 

The cultures of the oldest civilizations serve as my inspiration, they fill me with emotion and influence me to an almost magical trance... when I recognize the identical symbols from Sumerians to Assyrians, from Scythes and Iberians...

In 1994 I came to the Netherlands: for me a discovery of a new culture. The Dutch atmosphere has a fascinating influence on me and has given me new inspiration to go on with the creation of metal objects.

In the Netherlands I got to know Vulcanus better, the Romain god of fire, creator of the manifestations of fire, like volcanoes, who in the Middle Ages was considered patron of smiths and metalworkers like weapon smiths... An image: lying in the middle some metalwork's and a pile of decorated suits of armour, Vulcanus him self standing behind the anvil... Remarkable is, that the female goddess Venus is seen as the protectors of the smithy. 

Since 1995 I am working in this (to me) new culture and amongst a happy and hospitable people that truly helped me in the process of my creations, and that tried to fulfil my sometimes outrageous requests.

Over the long years of my autonomous studies of world history tales about knighthood have always fascinated me. Heroic, stout and courageous knights that ride out in their shining armour, to defend their country in battle, or to conquer the hearts of most beautiful women. In my dreams I see myself sometimes in the past, but sometimes also in the future. Nevertheless, the actuality of the created objects is worth more to me, as they are meant for people in the present. It makes me very happy when people enjoy my creations - made from different metals, in harmony with other materials, into colorful images - and that is also my spiritual satisfaction.

About the techniques that I use for the forging of metal sculptures I can say very little. I have acquired them through the years in the creative development of my work... and during the creation of a suit of armour, a free artwork of a liturgical objects, between me and the specific materials a mysterious bond develops, and the material receives the from or character which - as it were - it already longed for itself.

For I consider each created object as an unique! Three-dimensional images of royal armour created based on the interpretation of examples and pictures from the past, created in flame and fire and with a symphony of the rhythmic sound of hammering... Apart from these I also make with enthusiasm sacral objects for the altar of cathedral, or jewelery... or free sculptures...

Because some creations, like armour, are presented typologically and historically, one can at least make an estimate of one's own insight. And usually I become very enthusiastic when I may work on a specific order, and know beforehand where a specific creation will find its place.

Love for this search, this quest, and a blossoming imagination to carry on with it... this is my inspiration towards the materializations of my dreams.





Gotscha Lagidse


exclusieve verlichting, lantaarns




sacred art, liturgical art


art of metal,silver,jewels




Work of the Georgian-born sculptor, armourer, and artist now living in the Netherlands. Includes images of his armour, religious, ceremonial and private artworks and his jewelry, as well as biographical and bibliographical data.