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Miniature suit of armour


  The Visser Collection. Photo © Rudolf van Veggel

Gotscha, 1999. Prince Maurits in armour, Miniature 1:4. The personal suit of armour from the year 1590, form the collection of the Hofjagd- und Rüstkammer des Kunsthistorischen Museum in Vienna, served as inspiration. Ordered by Henk Visser in Wassenaar. The miniature suit of armour is made on a scale of 1:4, from the sheet metal from Hoogovens, in different thicknesses (0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.2 en 1.5). The rivets, hinges, eyes and hooks, and the plume holder, gilded. Comprising: helmet collar, breastplate, arm defenses, guantles, loin-guard and long tassets with knee-cops. Decorated with double engraverend lines parallel to all vertical and horizontal edges as well as around the sights of the brow reinforce, all turned edges are finely cabled. Lining, including that underneath the pauldrons and inside the cuffs, as well as all internal connecting straps, of leather. Set on a dated, especially designed mannequin, formed in wax and cast of 925 silver, hollow; presented on a highly finished pedestal of fine American walnut, with two hand engraved monograms, on front and back of the pedestal. The work on the miniature took 1135 hours in total.


 Chambre des Metiers, Grand - Duche Luxembourg

1999 Winner of a prize on an international forum exhibition in Bourglinster, Luxemburg - 1er prix Meilleure pièce exposée (1st prize for the best piece exhibited), at Luxembourg – Bourglinster, Forum International de la Ferronerie d’Art Contemporaine





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